Butoh Sessions

I open a new cycle of consciousness training, with Butoh practice.
We will work fragments of a dream.
Every Wednesday of this month of July.
In English and Italian,
During the practice we will use resonance techniques of the body and body landscape, to awaken specific body conditions and train different states of awareness, through improvisation.
The training is aimed at all those who feel the desire to deepen research through the body.

To register, send an email to: cuerpomu@gmail.com

The cost of the single lesson is 15 euros.
4 lessons 45 euros.

To register, send the payment receipt to this email 

You can pay via PayPal

If you want other forms of payment please contact me privately.

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Dara Siligato
Performer, DanzAuthor, Butoh Dancer, Dance Therapist and Somatic Therapist, Teacher of Research and Awareness of the Body and the Voice.