MU* Dance Ritual Theater.*Short description

Training in Dance MU, offers a space for study and research, exploration of the body, for the creation in Dance Ritual Theater.

Let’s start from the idea of the Body as a Net and interconnection with the visible and invisible environment, a Temple Body, which preserves memory and an “Antenna”, which becomes a channel for an authentic dialogue with internal and external space. The Body is therefore an indivisible Unit of the Physical, Mental, Energetic and Global Levels.

MU is the land of LeMuria, submerged and ready to re-emerge from the ocean of our emotions, from the deep feeling, from the connection between Micro and Macro Cosmos.


Dance Butoh
Philosophy and practice of the Anthropological and Archaeological Body
Theater / Dance and Archeocoreography.
Poetics of the Voice and of the Body.

A method that arises from the bowels of my research, is kept open and available to research itself and that allows participants to meet and reflect in a collective dynamic, while maintaining the beauty of their intimate characteristic.